Smart Grid Communications Professionals

If you are interested in advancing your career with a leader in Smart Grid technology, check our current job listings. We are an equal opportunity employer offering comprehensive benefits, compensation packages, and a selection of insurance programs. We have a fantastic work environment, great corporate culture, and some of the brightest coworkers anywhere. Join our team as we help shape the future of Smart Grid technology.

United States

Network Administrator – Redwood City, CA

Support Engineering Analyst/Engineer – Redwood City, CA

RF Hardware Engineer – Redwood City, CA

Product Manager – Raleigh-Durham, NC

Network Analyst – Raleigh-Durham, NC

Manufacturing Project Manager – Raleigh-Durham, NC

Ontario, Canada (Concord, Ontario)

Director of Energy Services – Concord, Ontario

Support Engineering Analyst/Engineer – Concord, Ontario

Network Analyst – Concord, Ontario

Quebec, Canada (Granby, Québec)

Spécialiste Qualité, Intégration et Test – Granby, Québec

Programmeur Analyste Java – Granby, Québec

Specialiste Assurance Qualite – Granby, Québec

Developpeur logiciel embarqué – Granby, Québec

Comptable sénior – Granby, Québec

Chargé de Projet, développement de produits (matériel) – Granby, Québec

United Kingdom/EMEA

Senior Technical Consultant – Windsor

Customer Support Engineer – Windsor

Asia Pacific

There are currently no open positions.

Latin America

There are currently no open positions.