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Advanced Innovations Ltd. Announces Strategic Partnership with Trilliant Incorporated to Support Global Smart Grid Implementations

Advanced Innovations (AI), an electronics product design and manufacturing solutions house that offers complete product life cycle management and supply chain services, and Trilliant Incorporated, the leader in delivering intelligent networks that power the Smart Grid, today signed an agreement in principle to combine Trilliant’s market-leading Smart Grid products and services with AI’s global supply chain capabilities. This agreement was signed in the presence of Ireland’s new Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Mr. Brian Cowen, today in New York City.

The Taoiseach appeared at The New York Stock Exchange as part of his visit to New York. During his visit, the Taoiseach will attend a series of planned engagements with key business and political leaders and will also deliver the keynote address at the “Wall Street 50” dinner on July 17.

Trilliant and AI have been working in concert on multiple Smart Grid initiatives in North America with the common goal of helping utility companies optimize the delivery of energy to consumers. Today’s announcement underpins the work that Trilliant and AI are doing to deliver comprehensive smart metering solutions to current and future customers. This work is focused on collaborating with utilities to develop a solution that produces immediate results and is future-proofed in the face of rapidly-changing, far-reaching changes in energy management.

AI is an electronics product design and manufacturing solutions house that offers complete product life cycle management and supply chain services to companies in the avionics, education, gaming, utilities and government sectors that need to get product to market faster and to achieve a lower delivered cost. AI’s clients benefit from greater corporate agility, which allows them to focus on their markets and customers while AI gets on with ensuring they get the product they expect. Because it allows them access to AI’s specific expertise and global operations, AI’s product design services and manufacturing programs are also ideal for companies whose core business is not electronics, but who require electronic enhancements to their products.

“Energy management isn’t a local problem, it’s a global issue and one that requires a global mindset,” said Robert O’Donnell, CEO of Advanced Innovations Ltd. “In our work with Trilliant we’ve encountered a company that has not only assembled an amazing array of products and services designed to bring the Smart Grid online, but one with whom we are fully prepared to tackle this issue worldwide.”

Trilliant has been delivering innovative products, services and solutions designed to improve energy management since 1985. Trilliant products and services act as the equivalent to a central nervous system for the Smart Grid, the critical communication layer necessary to process information and control system elements. More than 100 utilities have benefited from Trilliant’s expertise over the years, many of whom are currently partnering with Trilliant today to help implement Smart Grids around the world.

“Both Trilliant and AI have aggressive goals with respect to expanding beyond our home countries,” said Bill Vogel, Founder, Senior Vice President Strategic Development of Trilliant. “Today’s agreement combines the best of Trilliant’s North American Smart Grid expertise with AI’s global supply chain expertise and relationships. We are extremely pleased with our relationship with AI and are honored that the prime minister will be presiding over the formalization of AI and Trilliant’s relationship.”

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