Delivering Smart Energy and Smart Cities Benefits

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(This is a reprint from Zillion Magazine EU article). For a pdf format of the article, please click here.

Trilliant Zillion ArticleDelivering affordable, reliable and clean energy is one of this century’s biggest challenges. Helping utilities and cities around the world modernize their infrastructure to achieve this goal is the mission of Trilliant, a leading smart communications platform company. Ms. Sonita Lontoh, Head of Global Corporate Marketing at Trilliant, says that the company continues to extend and strengthen its Smart Communications Platform and to build a strong ecosystem of partners to give utilities and cities the most options and flexibilities in their infrastructure modernization efforts.

Trilliant has developed a strong ecosystem of partners, including, among others, Systems Integrators; Software & Analytics vendors; Smart Distribution, Smart Metering, Smart Consumer and Smart Cities vendors. These partnerships, Ms. Lontoh states, answer the company’s desire to leverage its best-of-breed smart communications platforms to deliver high-quality and high-frequency data to its applications and analytics partners to enable utilities and cities deliver the benefits of “smart infrastructure” to their operations, customers, citizens and the environment.

While other sectors such as telecom and IT constantly update their technology and infrastructure, the energy industry, and in particular the electrical grid, has not been modernised much in the last few decades. “Now, in the 21st century, there are new challenges that the industry has to tackle, and as a society, we are now just beginning our journey to modernize our energy infrastructure for the benefits of all,” Ms. Lontoh explains. “That’s where the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform comes in: to enable two-way communications and intelligence across our whole energy value chain and between the utility and all the smart, connected devices in the field, such as substations, smart meters and solar panels, among others.” This communication and intelligence capability enables utilities to deploy “smart” applications that result in better reliability, improved energy efficiency, and the ability to integrate more renewables and distributed energy resources, more empowered consumers and a better environment.

Some examples of Trilliant’s customers who have successfully deployed these smart infrastructure include Hydro One in Canada, Iberdrola USA’s Central Maine Power in the US, Centrica’s British Gas in the UK, and many others. “We are proud that our utility customers have been able to successfully deploy these ‘smart’ technology to deliver benefits to their customers and operations,” Ms. Lontoh states.

To make Smart Energy and Smart City a reality around the world, various stakeholders, including policymakers, regulators, utilities, cities, vendors, consumer advocates, and others have to collaborate together. These collaborations will ensure that eventually, we as a society will achieve the benefits of smart energy and smart cities, which is to deliver a safer, more-efficient and more-sustainable way of living.