Smart Grid Industry News Roundup: 07/06/2010

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These were some of our favorite and most interesting stories on Smart Grid and smart meter technologies this week.  Check out what you might have missed below:

Smart Grid Security: Pressure On Utility IT Systems
Great article about how when it comes to Smart Grid security, the pressure is being turned up on utility IT systems.  Many experts believe that all of the different IT systems and methods need to be shored up and common ground found.

Utilities to Get Smarter about Selling Smart Grid
While the Smart Grid has been the realm of talk, it’s almost here and it’s getting a lot more real.  Consumers have always been a bit behind on understanding its benefits to them, however, and now is the time utilities sell it better.

Smart Grid Security To Become Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
What good is the Smart Grid if it’s left completely vulnerable?  That question is leading to many industry analysts to believe that Smart Grid security will eventually become a multi-billion dollar industry over the next decade.

Energy Harvesting & the Smart Grid
A very in-depth and information packed article with exactly how energy will be harvested once the Smart Grid is up and fully operational in our country.  It’s filled with graphics and information on a forum that will have even more information.

Smart Grid Technology Can Address Climate Change
While a few states like California have been introducing revolutionary energy policies to save money and emissions, could the Smart Grid do even more?  If all goes as planned, Smart Grid technology might do more to address climate change than any policy to date.

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