On-Demand Webinar – WAN Communications for Distribution Networking

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Length: 20 minutesTrilliant Webinar

This webinar discusses the role of the distribution grid within the context of a broader Smart Grid communications network. The discussion will provide an opportunity to learn about:

  • the basics of a multi-tier Smart Grid network. Learn how communications can be segmented into wide area networks (WAN), neighborhood area networks (NAN), and home area networks (HAN).
  • the role of the WAN. Learn how the WAN can provide a wireless network with the range and capacity required to provide complete coverage and broadband performance.
  • the applications enabled by the WAN. Learn how the WAN’s broadand capacity and low latency can enable applications including AMI backhaul, substation automation, distribution SCADA, video surveillance, line switch automation, capacitor bank controls, recloser automation, transformer automation, and line voltage monitoring.

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