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Trilliant Corporate Fact Sheet: Leading the 21st Century Energy Transformation

Trilliant helps utilities and energy retailers successfully deploy a broad range of smart grid initiatives – from smart metering to smart distribution and smart consumer capabilities. Our Platform delivers the flexible, secure and proven smart grid solutions needed for utilities and energy retailers to deploy mission-critical applications to achieve their business goals, and deliver consumers the best energy experience possible.

Trilliant Smart Energy Platform: Proven Globally

The powerful Trilliant Smart Energy Platform has been proven and deployed with leading utilities and energy retailers around the world achieve their smart grid visions and solve their energy challenges. We are the Smart Energy Communications expert. Learn more about how we can help your utilities improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and empower consumers.

The Trilliant Smart Communication Landscape (Infographic)

The powerful Trilliant Smart Communication Platform has been proven and deployed with leading utilities and energy retailers around the world achieve their smart grid visions and solve their energy challenges. It also provides a powerful platform for all your Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the future.

Trilliant RPMA: Providing Utilities More Choice and Flexibility to Modernize Their Infrastructure

The addition of RPMA technology to the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform ideally complements Trilliant’s existing multi-tier RF mesh and cellular solutions, all leveraging Trilliant’s fully integrated comprehensive network management and UnitySuite™ Smart Metering Head End System. This multi-technology approach enables utilities to choose the right combination of technologies that best fit their needs today, and allows for the evolution of communications systems in the future – all with consistent business processes.

Trilliant’s Newly-Enhanced SecureMesh: One Platform for all Your Smart Grid and Smart Cities needs

The powerful Trilliant’s SecureMesh Platform has been proven and deployed with leading utilities and energy retailers around the world. Now, it’s newly-enhanced with more powerful capabilities to provide you with one powerful communications platform for all your Smart Grid, Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Trilliant’s Smart Energy Access Layer (SEAL): A New Way to Integrate Smart Energy Systems

SEAL is a new way of integrating disparate IT systems and processes for Smart Metering and Smart Grid, allowing many operational systems access to smart energy data and grid device activity.

OSDI Partner Program

The OSDI Partner Program aims to provide utilities with the most flexibility and choice in choosing which device manufacturer best fit their particular smart grid needs. The OSDI Program gives device manufacturers an opportunity to adopt the powerful and proven Trilliant Communications Platform to better serve their utility customers.

Trilliant Platform for the Smart Grid

The powerful Trilliant Communications Platform helps leading utilities and energy retailers around the world achieve their smart grid visions and solve their energy challenges. From Smart Distribution, to Smart Metering, to Smart Consumer — the only Communications Platform you need for all your Smart Grid needs.

Smart Distribution

Savvy utilities understand that a paradigm shift is happening in the electric industry. On top of industry-mandated indices like System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI), many states have implemented or are considering a range of grid efficiency regulations.

Smart Consumer

Trilliant leads the industry in helping a utility manage overall energy demand by offering demand-side management (DSM) solutions built upon the SecureMesh™ Communications Network and UnitySuite™ Application Platform.

Trilliant Communications Hub

The innovative Trilliant Communications Hub (“the Trilliant Hub” or “the Hub”) solution and Interoperability Group, bring the industry together to a common solution that helps energy providers and consumers realize the tremendous benefits of the Smart Grid.

Smart Metering

Trilliant offers the SecureMesh™ Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) and UnitySuite™ Metering wireless mesh communications technology and ead-end software that allows a utility to fully realize the operational benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Build for Success with the Trilliant Communications Platform

Leading utilities and energy retailers are under increasing pressure to deal with supply limitations, environmental mandates, intermittent renewables, and changing demand with the growing popularity of plug-in electric vehicles, distributed generation, and consumers’ desire to use energy more efficiently.

Trilliant – A Trusted Smart Grid Solution Partner

Trilliant has proven itself to be a trusted solution partner to the energy industry. With a 20-year heritage in meter communications, Trilliant today has over 100 utility customers and a services team dedicated to supporting complete project lifecycles.

Trilliant Partner Overview

Trilliant: Working with industry leaders to build an ecosystem of custom Smart Grid Solutions.

Trilliant Unity Suite (Deutsch)

Weltweit Experten für Smart Grid Kommunikation

Trilliant Company Overview (Deutsch)

Weltweit Experten für Smart Grid Kommunikation

SecureMesh Platform (Portuguese)

Rede SecureMesh® Plataforma de Comunicações da Trilliant

SecureMesh WAN (Portuguese)

SecureMesh WAN – confiabilidade e eficiência operacional

UnitySuite NEMS (Portuguese)

Sistema de gerenciamento de elementos de rede para a rede SecureMesh® da Trilliant