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Internet of Things (IoT)

• Standards-based, multi-technology solutions provide foundation for connecting the world of things
• Facilitates secure, powerful, and frictionless exchange of data for the next generation Smart Grid
• Enterprise-wide Smart Communications platform enables “digital utilities” to deploy into non-traditional markets

What is Internet of Things (IoT) exactly?

While there are many definitions, in its simplest term, Internet of Things (IoT) is really the applications of smart sensors, information and communications technology to connect the billions of devices around the world to create new applications and business models that enable a more-efficient, cleaner, safer, and better way of living.

  • IoT Presents Enormous Scale with Infinite Possibilities
    • Billions of Connected Devices by 2020
    • Over 1 Billion Smart Meters (Navigant Research)
    • 80 Billion Total Devices with 500 Unique Device IDs per Square Kilometer (IDC)
  • Millions of Opportunities & Applications
  • Made Possible by
    • Moore’s Law Making Device Connectivity Nearly Free
    • 340 Undecillion (2128) Network Address in IPv6
    • Other Advances in Technology and Big Data Analytics
  • Important to Leverage Minimal Networks to Minimize the Costs and Maximize the Benefits

At Trilliant, we believe that putting in the right Smart Communications Platform as the foundation enables utilities and cities to leverage the same robust Smart Platform for all applications: from Smart Energy to Smart Cities to Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • Smart Grid is Only the Beginning of the Smart City and IoT Journey
  • A Robust Communications Infrastructure Lays the Foundation for the Smart City and IoT Applications of the Future
  • Presents Utilities with the Opportunity to Create Significant Long-term Value
  • Sharing the Smart Grid Infrastructure for Smart City and IoT Applications Can Provide Funding for Network CapEx and OpEx
  • New Revenue Streams Can Fundamentally Change the Utility Business Model
  • Whoever Invests in the Infrastructure is in a Position to Capitalize on These New Revenue Streams


New Business Models

New Revenue Streams

Improved ROI