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The Trilliant Platform – Your Vision Realized

The Trilliant Platform is a smart grid platform purpose-built for the utility/energy industry.  Utilities and energy providers worldwide have recognized that a single communication technology will not address all of their smart grid needs: broadband may be needed for low-latency applications like distribution automation, and cellular AMI may be needed for targeted deployments.  Trilliant has integrated market-leading technology – broadband mesh, RF mesh AMI, cellular AMI, and others – into a common platform. Trilliant’s unified, multi-technology platform gives utilities the simplicity of one platform with the flexibility of multiple technologies, built with open standards and with broad industry support – providing utilities a low-risk path towards the smart grid.

The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform offers the following advantages:

Multi-technology platform

  • AMI mesh, broadband mesh, PLC, and cellular
  • Common business processes independent of communications
  • Natively built to support evolution of communications technologies

Device independen


The Trilliant platform supports a wide range of Smart Grid, Smart Metering, and Smart Consumer applications with Trilliant’s Software, Communications, and Services:

Trilliant’s UnitySuite Software puts a single dashboard management of an entire Smart Grid infrastructure into a utility’s hands. UnitySuite Software is a versatile suite that’s highly secure, highly scalable, built for integration and flexible – able to support any utility’s Smart Grid vision.

Trilliant helps savvy utilities and energy retailers achieve their Smart Grid visions through the Trilliant Communications Platform, the industry’s only purpose-built communications platform that integrates disparate systems of systems resulting from utilities’ evolving landscapes of applications and technologies into a unified whole. And the Trilliant Platform offers the breadth and depth of industry-leading technologies that utilities require. With our multiple options, utilities can mix RF mesh, cellular or PLC in a single deployment. Our multi-tier intelligent networks comprise the highest-bandwidth, lowest-latency WAN, NAN, HAN and modular head-end software.

Trilliant’s professional services offerings deliver the value advantage to ensure projects are successful. Our professional services, part of the Trilliant Platform, provide the expertise for each phase of the Smart Grid process: from planning for the long term, to designing and building the right system, to keeping it up and running for maximum benefits.

Download the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform infographic.

These three components are carefully designed through our experience with market-leading customers to address the key needs of utilities – both for immediate needs for Smart DistributionSmart Metering, and Smart Consumer applications, but also for longer-term utility planning to embrace new technologies and business models.  The Trilliant Platform provides utilities with three key benefits that are critical for the selection of


  • Use the best fit technology
  • Build business processes independent of technology
  • Integrate new technologies over time

Low total cost of ownership

  • Competition for best-of-breed, cost-effective meters
  • Best-fit technology for the region and territory

Low risk

  • Proven at scale globally
  • Strong customer references
  • Highest levels of security

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Trilliant’s networking technology, software, services, and unique partner ecosystem unlock the potential for you to make a better life for your customers through instantaneous information. We believe that you are the custodians of critical information and will not constrain how you use your data today or in the future.