The Trilliant Platform Communications: Purpose-Built for Utilities

Click here to download the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform infographic.

Click here to download the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform infographic.

Communications technology is at the heart of the smart grid, allowing utilities to measure, control, and optimize their distribution systems, and to enable Smart DistributionSmart Metering, and Smart Consumer applications.  All of these applications depend on communications reliable enough for operation in the toughest territories and environments, spanning a broad spectrum of technical requirements from high scale (millions of devices) to high speed (millisecond latency), and with security rated for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).  The communications technologies at the core of Trilliant’s Platform are purpose built to address these needs.

Trilliant’s platform was built to ensure utilities can use a single, unified platform, while choosing the right technology to fit the territory, regulatory environment, and rollout strategy.  The combination of advanced technologies integrated into the Trilliant Platform have all been chosen to ensure the highest performance communications, broad and economical communications coverage, adherence to local regulatory requirements, and scalable to support the world’s largest utilities – all managed by a unifying software package Unity Suite.  Further, the platform directly addresses many of the smart grid’s thorniest challenges:

  • Multi-technology platform

    • AMI mesh, broadband mesh, PLC, and cellular
    • Common business processes independent of communications
    • Natively built to support evolution of communications technologies

The platform includes a variety of communications technologies:

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