The Global Standard for RF Mesh AMI

Utilities around the world are recognizing the benefits of using private RF mesh networks for smart grid communications.  Private networks offer the advantage of being utility owned and operated, minimizing operational expense and maximizing reliability.  Trilliant has been a leader with the first large-scale RF mesh AMI deployment, the first standards-based solution on the market using the 802.15.4 radios, and the only vendor with an integrated multi-tier architecture supporting both low-latency distribution automation and Smart Metering applications.   As the leading provider of 2.4 GHz RF Mesh AMI systems, Trilliant is the recognized global leader.

Trilliant’s approach is unique.  Trilliant chose a standard 2.4 GHz radio as the core of the mesh to ensure our customer have both the protection of a standards-based solution and the operational benefits of a high-data-rate solution.  This benefit has paid off for our customers in higher reliability, better territory coverage, and better support for a broad range of smart grid applications.  Trilliant’s RF Mesh AMI solution has spanned dense urban environments to very sparse rural environments, and is the only RF Mesh AMI platform that can be used worldwide.

Open Standard Communication

Trilliant’s RF Mesh AMI uses at its core the radio and protocol standards to ensure a future-proof and interoperable systems.  Embracing IEEE radio standards (802.15.4), communications protocols (both today’s dominant standard IPv4 and IPv6), and  metering protocols (ANSI and DLMS/COSEM), Trilliant’s RF Mesh AMI has been widely supported by a broad range of ecosystem partners.


With utility grids being part of a nation’s critical infrastructure, and with the significant harm that could arise from malicious attacks, Trilliant has invested heavily in ensuring the RF Mesh AMI system is highly secure.  Working with the industry’s leading security experts, and Trilliant’s recognized security experts, Trilliant has built a multi-pronged approach to security including encryption, authorization, authentication, and providing for security isolation between not only individual devices, but also between different utility applications.  This security architecture addresses concerns about using a shared infrastructure for Smart Distribution, Smart Metering, and Smart Consumer applications, and protects against internal and external threats.

Optimized Territory Coverage

Trilliant’s 2.4 GHz RF Mesh AMI system is built to support coverage of both dense urban and sparse rural areas.  The standards-based IEEE 802.15.4 radio, so Trilliant’s customers get the benefit of direct-sequence spread spectrum, an advanced radio technology that provides excellent immunity to interference and multi-path fading, which can impact narrowband 900 MHz radios.  Trilliant’s radio and antenna design expertise has come across with our customers’ success with economical deployments in both dense environments (more than 2,000 customers per square kilometer) and spares rural (down to as low as one customer per square kilometer).  Combined with our advanced Distributed Data eXchange (DDX) technology, Trilliant is able to support large-scale deployments with high reliability and minimal network infrastructure investment – ensuring a cost-effective deployment.

The RF Mesh AMI system includes both network infrastructure and embedded meter modules to support integration to third party hardware:

  • SecureMesh Collector – a communications gateway that coordinates communication within the SecureMesh NAN. It operates as the intermediary data concentrators, collecting and filtering data from groups of SecureMesh-enabled meters and economically sharing wide area network resources — making communication more affordable while ensuring high performance.
  • SecureMesh Repeaters – an intermediate wireless node in the SecureMesh NAN to relay messages to and from SecureMesh-enabled electric meters, gas meters, and in-building devices.
  • SecureMesh Meter Modules – automatically establish alternative SecureMesh Collector relationships based on application performance settings to ensure timely and secure delivery of data. SecureMesh Collector devices act as self-organizing conduits to multiple wide area network resources.
  • WAN/NAN Bridge – a bridge product that integrates an access point for the SecureMesh NAN with a SecureMesh WAN node, allowing the SecureMesh WAN to provide direct support for backhaul to the SecureMesh NAN access point.
  • UnitySuite Software – a smart meter data management system that performs data acquisition (or control) over high bandwidth and with greater reliability than proprietary network solutions. Organized data is delivered to the enterprise systems via device management and enterprise data web services.

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