Trilliant Communications Hub

The Trilliant Communications Hub is one example of the Trilliant’s M2M Smart Metering System, which provides Machine-to-Machine (M2M) smart metering communication capabilities using cellular/mobile networks.  Purpose-built for Smart Meter deployments, the Smart Metering M2M system is secure, scalable and flexible.

The Trilliant Communications Hub is the first generally available communications hub designed to support smart meter deployments and the first to address issues of multi-supplier and multi-device interoperability from the ground up. The Communications Hub is designed for European markets and offers both GPRS WAN and Zigbee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 HAN connectivity in a single, integrated package.  In addition to this, the hub supports the emerging dual protocol of DLMS over Zigbee, ensuring that interoperability with a multitude of Zigbee enabled devices is simple to achieve.  The roadmap includes introduction of other WAN and HAN communications technologies such as mesh and long range radio to ensure future proofed interoperability.

The innovative Hub solution delivers a common solution to the power industry that helps energy providers and consumers realize the tremendous benefits of the Smart Grid. And with local storage and configurability, the Hub keeps airtime charges on the wireless network to a minimum, while ensuring scalable performance to support tens of millions of meters.


The Hub allows various retailers and energy suppliers to deliver their smart services into households, offering transparency to the consumer on energy cost and usage, and allows them to make smarter decisions about their energy use. It also allows multiple devices which contribute to home energy usage to be monitored, whilst also offering retailers the opportunity to provide value-added benefits which will increase customer satisfaction.

“Trilliant has demonstrated a real commitment to the UK Smart market and we are pleased to announce them as our Smart technology partner for head-end and communications hubs, during the Foundation stage of our Smart roll out. We are focused on maximising our smart learnings in the pre-DCC environment, and by selecting proven Trilliant technology, we believe we have the right platform from which to develop our Smart services.”


Neil Pennington
Programme Director Smart Programme, RWE npower

Communications Bridge

  • Dual radio design integrates both Home Area Network (HAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity
  • Connects electric meters, gas meters, in-home display units, and smart energy devices

 HAN Device Support

  • ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 (with support of Smart Specification Working Group metering extensions)
  • Connects to multiple smart energy devices

 Simple Installation and Deployment

  • Attaches directly to meter board, powered from the electric meter
  • Commissioned locally via ZigBee with a handheld terminal

Configurable and Upgradeable

  • Configurable over-the-air from the head-end
  • Supports over-the-air firmware upgrades for itself and all associated HAN devices


  • Built-in proven security technology
  • Authenticates all devices on the network and secures all data


Using the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP), the Hub operates as a central point in a HAN of up to 16 Smart Energy devices.  The Hub compiles metering data from multiple devices and reports the data back to the Head-End Software as configured, typically during non-peak periods.  Communications via the WAN are minimized so that power consumption is very low even while maintaining connections with all associated HAN devices.

WAN connectivity is supported by a quad-band GPRS radio.  The Hub employs standard IP protocols for communications to and from the Head-End Software and, additionally, SMS messaging is used to allow on-demand requests from the Head-End Software to the Hub.  The primary service provider and roaming network information are configurable, enabling communications wherever GPRS service is available.  The WAN antenna is internal, but an SMA connector supports an optional external antenna for installations in areas of poor cellular coverage.

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