Trilliant Professional Services – Your Vision,  Our Expertise


With the smart grid, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” A utility’s smart grid goals are specific to that particular utility’s organization. But with so many options, choices can be confusing. That’s where the Trilliant difference comes in. The Trilliant professional services, part of the Trilliant platform, offer guidance and expertise through each phase of our utility customers’ smart grid process.

 “This success was achieved on schedule and on budget.  An accomplishment only made possible by our exceptional team of employees and project partners, Trilliant and Capgemini.”

Rick Stevens, 
SVP, Asset Management, Hydro One

From the moment our utility customers first talks to us, Trilliant help them articulate a solution that meets their needs for the long term. Trilliant understands what drives our utility customers’ business requirements, and which applications will enable the desired smart grid ecosystem. The Trilliant sales and service teams help our utility customers get maximum value from the our multi-technology solutions options.

Once our utility customer decides on the Trilliant Platform, the Trilliant services team helps the utility design and develop a new system. From project management and testing, to deployment and integration, all the way to tuning  and performance optimization services, Trilliant partner with our utility customers to create not only technical workarounds, but also purpose-built solutions – to bring the most advanced capabilities to bear on our utility customers’ smart grid goals.

Once our utility customer’s smart grid system is up and running, Trilliant offers operations, maintenance, support services and tools to make sure the utility continues to get the most from its smart grid assets. With a variety of different service models, Trilliant has the perfect offering to suit any utility’s smart grid and business needs.

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