The Life Cycle Approach to Service Delivery

Our utility customer’s networks and systems are not just assets. Today, they’re considered business enablers – required infrastructure for advanced applications, cost reduction strategies and tactical visions. In order to get the most strategic use of your assets, you need consistent, proven smart grid services that provide a predictable means to link your technical, business and tactical requirements.

We at Trilliant believe that service delivery must consider the whole life cycle of your system. Our systematic and informed life cycle methodology aligns your organization’s requirements through all phases of your project, to ensure successful deployment, operation and maximum value. Our experts don’t simply provide hardware. We engage in deployment like no other smart grid provider, engaged as partners in delivery for the full service life of our utility customers’ systems.

Plan – framing our utility customers’ vision, mapping requirements and building a process for moving forward

Build – designing our utility customers’ system of systems, integrating them with the current infrastructure, and deployment

Run – production operations and system maintenance to adapt and grow as our utility customers’ system, needs and requirements evolve

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