Trilliant’s UnitySuite™ software is a core component of the Trilliant Platform that provides scalable management of multiple smart grid communications technologies with unified business process integration to other utility systems.  UnitySuite is built on open standards and is supported by the majority of the leading utility system software packages.  With Unity Suite software as the manager of a smart grid network, utilities can use a common infrastructure to enable applications across Smart Distribution, Smart Metering, and Smart Consumer applications.

UnitySuite Platform

The Trilliant UnitySuite Software enables your utilities to operate and control all your Smart Grid communications – meters, in-home devices, distribution devices – in a single, unified dashboard. Capable of supporting millions of endpoints across multiple device vendors, types, models, firmware versions, protocols, and communications methods, UnitySuite provides a secure management platform that acts as a control plane for all device interactions.

Together with other components of the powerful Trilliant Communications Platform, the UnitySuite  Software enables powerful smart grid communications capabilities:

  • Metering Management System (MMS), which enables flexible, reliable and efficient meter data acquisition and processing for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
  • Consumer Engagement Management System (CEMS), which provides secure and scalable tools to implement consumer-facing demand response and energy efficiency programs.
  • Communications Device Management System (CDMS), which securely manages communications for millions of devices, with powerful connection and routing information, security, device reports, and communication protocol library.
  • Network Element Management System (NEMS), which cost effectively and securely manages and operates field networks to ensure optimal functioning, with comprehensive coverage, network monitoring, and alerts.
  • UnitySuite Enterprise Software Platform, which provides a set of shared services to MMS, CEMS, CDMS, and NEMS. The Enterprise Platform contains a highly scalable task execution and integration engine that is implemented to enable powerful smart grid communications solutions.

The Trilliant UnitySuite Software offers:

  • The industry’s most proven meter- and device-agnostic capabilities
  • Award-winning integration capabilities, including scheduled meter read export, on-demand operations, and real-time alarms
  • Highest throughput
  • Greatest dedication to standards for interoperability and security
  • Longest field operating history
  • End-to-end solution that covers the full range of smart grid endpoints including home area devices, meters, and wide area network-based devices and systems

The powerful UnitySuite Head-End Software performs device management, data acquisition and communication management. It encompasses all the key requirements your utility needs to for Smart Metering, Smart Distribution, and Smart Consumer communication needs.

Benefits of Trilliant UnitySuite Software:

  • Scalable –With multi-threaded operations, multi-level server clustering and built-in redundancy and disaster recovery, UnitySuite supports larger and increasing amount of device volumes and data demand.
  • Secure – With user authentication, role-based access control and integration with PKI, HSM or other security mechanisms, UnitySuite protects against unauthorized device access and assures that customer information is never compromised.
  • Open – With dozens of interface formats such as web services, FTP, JMS, CMEP, Multi-speak, CIM, and others, UnitySuite easily integrates with 3rd party applications while supporting multiple communications and device vendors.
  • Flexible and Future Proof – UnitySuite is a multi-technology solutions that is scalable across mesh, cellular and other communications technologies. With on-site or cloud deployment, the UnitySuite integrates beautifully with Trilliant and other 3rd party devices. It also adapts to changing business requirements and supports evolving industry standards.

Only Trilliant brings the broad and deep domain expertise required to build an end-to-end, optimized software solution made possible through a highly efficient and extensible data model, with unique batch processing and resource optimizing algorithms. Leveraging best practices in usability and human factors visual design, the UnitySuite User Interface (UI) layer delivers a highly successful environment that provides you with a structured, intuitive, quick and powerful user experience.

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