To ensure ultimate success and realize the full benefits of deployments, Smart Grid solutions must interoperate reliably in a utility IT environment. Many utilities’ systems – such as Meter Data Management, Outage Management, Distribution Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Information System and Asset Management – will interact seamlessly with UnitySuite Software and the Trilliant Communications Platform.

“This innovation and rapid delivery from our partner community will see mutual customers benefit with access to new Smart Grid products. For this reason, Trilliant is a very praiseworthy winner of our Technology Integration Award this year.”


Gary Bloom
Former CEO, eMeter, a Siemens company

That’s because the Trilliant’s UnitySuite Software provides the ability to customize seamless integration with a utility’s enterprise application. The UnitySuite Software Platform’s SOAP-based APIs facilitate integration with existing applications and evolving Smart Grid communications network to provide utilities with a solution customized to meet their specific requirements. Furthermore, Trilliant’s superior integration capabilities have earned industry-wide recognition, including the eMeter Technology Integration Award.

The Trilliant UnitySuite includes built-in features to support reliable, low total cost of ownership implementations:

  • SOA Architecture
    • Expedite roll-out of new applications
    • Lower maintenance cost
  • Full Enterprise Services Bus Capability
    • Pre-integrated IBM Websphere
    • Simplified integration – less custom development – more flexible
  • Support for Smart Grid solution standards developed by the EPRI, OpenAMI, and UtilityAMI Data and Design Standards bodies
  • Open application platform
    • Linux  or Windows operating system
    • Oracle database
    • Many Standard interfaces including MDM and billing interfaces, Web services, XML/SOAP, CSV, EDI, CMEP, MultiSpeak, Itron IEE/MV-90/HHF

UnitySuite’s seamless and easy integration capabilities enable:

  • Scheduled Meter Read Export
    • flexible file format for exchange of scheduled meter read information
    • subscription based export ensures profile blocks are sent once
    • de-duplication of data
  • On Demand Operations
    • all application functions
    • web services are implemented using SOAP 1.2 and WDSL 2.0
    • web services are tested to be compliant with the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I)
    • support for multiple message transports
    • MultiSpeak 4.1 and CIM compliant interfaces
  • Real Time Alarms
    • propagation of real time meter and network alarms

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