Communication Device Management System (CDMS)

Utility smart grid communications systems rival telecom systems for their scale and complexity, and by leveraging proven platforms utilities can focus on what they do best: deliver clean, reliable, affordable energy.  Trilliant’s Communications Device Management System (CDMS) gives utilities the peace of mind to know they can effectively manage the disparate, large-scale communications networks deployed as part of the smart grid.

Unified Device Management

The CDMS integrates all of the functions necessary to manage communications devices – including security management, device management, data acquisition, firmware downloads, and communications flow management – into a single software system.  All components of the Trilliant platform are managed by the CDMS – optimized to ensure low operational costs for ongoing system operation.

Cost Efficient

The CDMS uses Trilliant’s Dynamic Data eXchange (DDX) technology, which combines distributed intelligence and batch processing, to provide scalable performance with minimal network infrastructure.  This approach ensures even the communications systems can scale for the largest global utilities with low-cost infrastructure requirements.

High Security

The CDMS manages all aspects of security for the Trilliant communications platform, including:

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • ANSI C12.22 EAX compliant security model
  • Authentication and encryption of messages using AES-128 encrypted message
  • Key storage in a separate database
  • Key Management
  • Management of Security credentials using PKI infrastructure
  • Integration with 3rd party HSM for key management
  • Integration with 3rd party certificate management

Flexible and customizable

The CDMS is built on a flexible platform to ensure it can meet utility-specific needs.  The platform includes:

  • Flexible reporting on firmware upgrades, device information (serial number, hardware version, firmware version, etc), and device events such as outages and alarms
  • Supporting a wide variety of communications protocols, including IP, ANSI c12.19, SMS, Optical Probe
  • Modular architecture to support integration of new devices and communications technologies over time
  • Full redundancy and disaster recovery approaches built in

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