Metering Management System (MMS)

The Metering Management System (MMS) manages meter data and meter operations to enable Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Compared to other meter data and operations systems out there, MMS has greater flexibility for operating system platforms, database selection, data acquisition approaches, look and feel, reporting, and alarm capabilities.

MMS benefits from Trilliant’s legacy and deep expertise of over twenty years of successful Smart Grid deployments. This experience, combined with the latest in enterprise architecture and technology platforms, results in a powerful capability that excels in supporting some of the largest and most successful advanced metering deployments globally.

Moreover, MMS enables multiple smart metering process management such as change of supplier/tenant, the ability to opt in/opt out, on-demand meter reads, real-time events, clock synchronizations and other meter-specific operations such as prepay and remote connect/disconnect.

Designed for High Performance

MMS is proven in supporting millions of devices in a single deployment. Overall, Trilliant has more AMI meters communicating every day through MMS than any other single Head-End system. With Trilliant’s extensive, field proven deployment experience, by working with us, you can be confident that your system will scale to meet both your current and future Smart Grid needs.

MMS is designed from the ground up for high performance:

  • Fully supports clustered application and database environments
  • Organizes all communications and operations activities as separate tasks that can be dynamically allocated to specified resources as they become available
  • Flexibly support additional application server resources that can be incrementally added as performance and scale requirements evolve over time


Used in conjunction with the rest of Trilliant Communications Platform, the MMS superior capabilities meet the stringent Service Level requirements of utilities and regulators. Purpose-built for the utility industry, MMS delivers the reliability fundamental for any AMI Head-End system, which include the following capabilities:

  • Data Caching at every level in the system
  • Two modes of data acquisition, a regularly scheduled push mode from meters and an On- Demand ‘Pull Mode’ for exceptional cases
  • Total Failover Support – no single point of failure will result in data loss


Recognizing that a significant portion of the total cost of ownership for an AMI network is the ongoing cost of resources required to support day to day operations and based on years of experience working with leading utilities in globally, Trilliant has incorporated many features to efficiently manage daily AMI operations:

  • Dashboard system monitoring capability for quick assessment of metering process status
  • Drill down capability for detailed logs that facilitates troubleshooting efforts
  • Flexible grouping algorithms that enable efficient management of system functions such as device configuration changes, firmware upgrades, data acquisition, and export tasks

Flexible and Customizable

MMS offers various levels of configuration flexibility that allows you to meet your unique needs:

  • Support integration with eMeter, Itron MDM, OSISoft, Ecologic Analytics, Oracle MDMs
  • Support multiple metering protocols: ANSI c12.22, DLMS/COSEM, SEP 1.1, Landis & Gyr
  • Support multi vendors and meter types: Landis & Gyr, GE, Itron, Elster, Iskra, ELO; ANSI and IEC meters; Electric and Gas meters
  • Able to export data in multiple formats: CMEP, MultiSpeak, CIM, others
  • Enables you to choose your own database: Oracle, Sybase, Postgress, MySQL, and MS SQL
  • Enables you to change look and feel: MMS embeds transparently into your current web design
  • Lets you run on your preferred OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP and 2003
  • Create reports that fits your needs: several formats available including PDF, HTML, and CSV

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