Network Element Management System (NEMS)

The UnitySuite Network Management System (NEMS) provides network and element management capabilities tailored specifically to work seamlessly with the Trilliant Communications platform. It offers an SNMP standards-based network and element management capabilities in monitoring and control of all Smart Grid devices. The UnitySuite NEMS has been proven to manage large-scale deployments of millions of Smart Grid devices around the world.

UnitySuite NEMS improves network visibility and performance by building and maintaining constant knowledge about physical and logical network connectivity. Utility operators can connect and manage Trilliant-enabled devices (e.g., meters, collectors, in-home devices) with an online device status view of the entire Smart Grid network. The NEMS software automates business, operations, and networking rules (or policies), enabling cost-efficient, centralized management of intelligent Smart Grid network devices. NEMS is versatile, easy to deploy and has the power and depth to support full-scale Smart Grid deployments of millions of end devices.

Fault Management

The UnitySuite NEMS delivers a robust fault management system with real-time alarm and event reporting. A color-coding system visually identifies critical, major, minor and informational alarms, and enables easy methods of handling automatic notifications. With UnitySuite NEMS, utilities have a systematic process for problem detection and rapid issue resolution. The UnitySuite NEMS reporting system provides detailed event logging and includes extensive filtering capabilities to sort and prioritize data.

Configuration Management

UnitySuite NEMS provides an efficient, centralized method of managing device configuration, which supports over-the-air automatic provisioning and configuration of Smart Grid devices throughout the network. Service profiles may be defined and stored that specify a range of networking, security, and quality of service (QoS) parameters. UnitySuite NEMS also provides backup and restore capabilities for device configuration from the embedded database.

Performance Management

UnitySuite NEMS provides advanced topology and graphical performance monitoring capabilities, enhanced by integration with Google Earth mapping services. Administrators are able to collect data and generate reports for entire networks, providing essential scalability for large Smart Grid deployments. Using Google Earth Pro, GPS coordinates for each Smart Grid device are plotted instantly to create dynamic network diagrams. As the network evolves and grows, UnitySuite NEMS scales with the deployment, automatically providing real-time, updated diagrams that enhance the accuracy and timeliness of the network monitoring process.

Moreover, the UnitySuite NEMS supports performance thresholds that can be configured as needed. When a threshold is exceeded and classified into different levels, the system notifies through an alarm, enabling easy communication and management.


The UnitySuite NEMS enable utility operators to have full control over user management activities, including the creation of user accounts and user groups, and functional access permissions at all levels. The NEMS also allows for centralized control of user authorization throughout the entire network, including the prevention of rogue association with the wireless network.

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