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Integrate WAN & NAN Access Points

A SecureMesh Bridge integrates an access point for the SecureMesh NAN with a SecureMesh WAN node.  Through a Bridge product, backhaul for a SecureMesh NAN access point is directly supported by the SecureMesh WAN.  While the NAN functionality of a Bridge supports the control of a NAN subnetwork of meters and in-building devices, the aggregation of data from those devices, and time synchronization for the NAN subnetwork, the WAN functionality provides high-bandwidth backhaul as well as an Ethernet drop for whatever Smart Distribution devices may be present at the Bridge’s installation site.

As a result of a Bridge’s integrated WAN and NAN functionality, the two network tiers can be easily overlaid, thereby simplifying network planning and reducing network costs; installation and maintenance are simplified; the UnitySuite Network Management System provides a unified view of the complete network, simplifying network operations and troubleshooting; and a holistic approach to WAN/NAN security is provided.

Two Bridge products are supported:

  • An Extender Bridge, integrating a NAN access point with a WAN relay node
  • A Connector Bridge, integrating a NAN access point with a WAN endpoint

Trilliant’s Bridge products thus combine the SecureMesh WAN, a low-latency, high-bandwidth wireless mesh network, with the SecureMesh NAN, a utility-focused wireless mesh network.  Both network tiers employ wireless mesh routing to provide deployment flexibility and intrinsic communications reliability.

Each of these standards-based network tiers independently yields significant advantages.  The SecureMesh WAN, for example, provides:

  • Low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity for backhaul of AMI data as well as DA device and substation monitoring traffic, video surveillance, and work-force management communications
  • Layer 2 Ethernet transport to support raw Ethernet frames as well as TCP/IP, DNP3, IEC 61850, or other higher-layer protocols
  • The ability to allocate and partition communications bandwidth according to the specific application
  • Quality of Service (QoS) enforced by rate shaping and traffic prioritization
  • Standards-based security

The SecureMesh NAN, by contrast, offers:

  • An air data rate of 250 kbps, the highest data rate of any AMI technology in the industry, providing headroom for such future NAN and HAN applications as electric vehicle charging stations, alarm-based Smart Grid monitoring devices and fault indicators, prepayment meter functionality, and an increasing number of HAN devices in each home
  • Integrated utility-centric functionality to support a wide range of electric meters (residential and C&I) and gas meters (small and large diaphragm)
  • HAN support, either through native SecureMesh HAN devices (HAN devices with integrated NAN modules) or through NAN/HAN portals (gateway devices converting between NAN communications and a different HAN communications technology)

As a total solution, the integrated multi-tier SecureMesh Communications Network as embodied by the Bridge products provides exceptional flexibility in terms of the broad range of utility applications it can cost-effectively deliver today, the ways in which it can be deployed, its reliability, its scalability, its manageability, and its capacity to adapt to future utility requirements.