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Trilliant Professional Services

Your Vision,  Our Expertise

With the smart grid, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” A utility’s smart grid goals are specific to that particular utility’s organization. But with so many options, choices can be confusing. That’s where the Trilliant difference comes in. The Trilliant professional services, part of the Trilliant platform, offer guidance and expertise through each phase of our utility customers’ smart grid process.

From the moment our utility customers first talks to us, Trilliant help them articulate a solution that meets their needs for the long term. Trilliant understands what drives our utility customers’ business requirements, and which applications will enable the desired smart grid ecosystem. The Trilliant sales and service teams help our utility customers get maximum value from the our multi-technology solutions options.

Once our utility customer decides on the Trilliant Platform, the Trilliant services team helps the utility design and develop a new system. From project management and testing, to deployment and integration, all the way to tuning  and performance optimization services, Trilliant partner with our utility customers to create not only technical workarounds, but also purpose-built solutions – to bring the most advanced capabilities to bear on our utility customers’ smart grid goals.

Once our utility customer’s smart grid system is up and running, Trilliant offers operations, maintenance, support services and tools to make sure the utility continues to get the most from its smart grid assets. With a variety of different service models, Trilliant has the perfect offering to suit any utility’s smart grid and business needs.

Trilliant Professional Services: The Value Advantage

Trilliant brings a team of industry experts with deep domain expertise in delivering and maintaining solutions that meet – or exceed – our utility customers’ requirements. Utilities can trust Trilliant to deliver a full, end-to-end solution, with integrated services encompassing the disciplines they need for the full life cycle of their system: design, deployment, integration, enterprise grade systems operations and support.

We’re committed to applying continuous learning methodologies to add value, seek delivery efficiency and identify new opportunities that maintain best in class professional service offerings. Trilliant alone brings a wealth of diverse deployment services and solutions to the table, helping our utility customers mitigate the inevitable risk that comes with the execution of massive smart grid initiatives.

Deep Deployment Experience

We’ve enabled large scale smart grid solutions  with utilities who are serving more than 70 million customers around the world , representing all types of geography and configurations.. We draw on global experience spanning North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

A Team of Experts

Our team brings technical expertise in RF communications, networking, IT systems and  metering solutions, as well as deep domain expertise in utility communications, applications and business expertise in network management and processes.

Process – Delivery Innovation

Trilliant’s deep and broad global experience drives continuing innovation. We bring advanced analytics and sophisticated work methods to bear; the flexibility to deliver tailored solutions; and a scalable approach, capable of delivering projects of any size.

The Life Cycle Approach to Service Delivery

Our utility customer’s networks and systems are not just assets. Today, they’re considered business enablers – required infrastructure for advanced applications, cost reduction strategies and tactical visions. In order to get the most strategic use of your assets, you need consistent, proven smart grid services that provide a predictable means to link your technical, business and tactical requirements.

We at Trilliant believe that service delivery must consider the whole life cycle of your system. Our systematic and informed life cycle methodology aligns your organization’s requirements through all phases of your project, to ensure successful deployment, operation and maximum value. Our experts don’t simply provide hardware. We engage in deployment like no other smart grid provider, engaged as partners in delivery for the full service life of our utility customers’ systems.

Plan – framing our utility customers’ vision, mapping requirements and building a process for moving forward

Build – designing our utility customers’ system of systems, integrating them with the current infrastructure, and deployment

Run – production operations and system maintenance to adapt and grow as our utility customers’ system, needs and requirements evolve

Full Service Offerings – For Successful Deployment of Smart Grid Solutions

Project Management

Trilliant’s professional services team and project managers work closely with our utility customers to help deploy and integrate their smart grid communications network, ensuring that objectives are defined and milestones are met.

Network Design and Consulting Services

Trilliant takes a multi-phased approach to network design, including network modeling and system dimensioning. We leverage real-world data collected from  millions of smart end devices managed by the Trilliant Smart Grid Communications Platform.

Software Installation and Integration

Trilliant’s professional services team works with our utility customer’s enterprise software personnel to install UnitySuite Software for on-premise usage, providing software integration to tie UnitySuite applications into existing enterprise software to customize communications.

Application Hosting

Trilliant offers hosted and turnkey web-based hosting services for data collection and daily operations monitoring. UnitySuite Software acquires data from network meters, and supports commercial, industrial and mass-market residential applications. Our utility customers will access their data on a Trilliant-hosted server via secure internet connection, complete with system administration and support.

Technical Training

Trilliant’s technical trainers provide a relevant, hands-on curriculum, developed and delivered by product experts. Training courses are arranged to provide on-site education and tailored to meet our utility customers’ specific needs.

Maintenance and Support

Trilliant’s support team provides the service and technical support required to maintain and optimize our utility customers’ smart grid communications network.