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As the industry continues the aggressive growth trajectory to a brighter future, Trilliant is here to help you manage your communications needs. We work with you to understand your challenges and deliver solutions that meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

The Trilliant Smart Grid Platform – Delivering Success to Utility Customers Worldwide

The Trilliant Platform has been successfully providing reliable communications solutions to leading energy providers for nearly 30 years. Trilliant is the first with a proven, scalable, multi-technology Smart Grid  platform that truly delivers on the promise of Smart DistributionSmart Metering and Smart Consumer – anywhere in the world.

Today, leading energy providers around the world look to Trilliant to provide expertise and technology for successful Smart Grid deployments, and to optimize their Smart Grid investments. The Trilliant Platform uses a coordinated, system-level approach to Smart Grid and delivers tangible business benefits to energy providers and their customers. The Trilliant Platform provides the right set of communications and software elements to allow utilities to deploy with confidence and ensure long-term success.

The Trilliant Platform’s Characteristics:


Security is at the core of the Trilliant platform. With a laser focus on communications for critical infrastructure, Trilliant’s products, technology and company processes meet the highest industry standards for security. The Trilliant Communications Platform delivers what utilities would expect for end-to-end security from a leading smart grid technology provider: privacy, confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, authorization, and accountability across the Smart Grid. And it’s the only platform that gives utilities peace of mind and best defenses against cyber-security threats for mission-critical infrastructure.


Only Trilliant has a platform that’s been proven at scale globally, working with leading energy providers who serve more than 70 million homes and businesses around the world. Trilliant’s award-winning Dynamic Data eXchange (DDX) technology facilitates efficient interactions between devices and the head-end system through distributed intelligence at every device, to enable massive scalability and functionality to millions of devices while reducing infrastructure and operational costs.</p> <p>


Many utilities will need a combination of different communications technologies to address different territories, rollout strategies, bandwidth and latency needs and regulatory environments. Only the Trilliant Communications Platform provides the powerful combination of networking technologies pre-engineered to work seamlessly together, purpose-built for Smart Grid.

The Trilliant Platform’s Benefits:

Proven successfully around the world

From North and Latin America to Europe and Asia, leading energy providers put their trust in Trilliant to provide the only proven and scalable communications platform for all their Smart Grid needs. Trilliant is the only platform that gives utilities the flexibility to choose the most proven technology mix to meet today’s business needs, and the freedom and ability to evolve with tomorrow’s innovations.

Trusted provider of integrated systems

By choosing Trilliant, leading energy providers around the world can count on the business, technology and deployment expertise that Trilliant provides. By choosing the Trilliant Platform, energy providers can rest assured that their projects will deliver the benefits of a smarter grid, not only for their operations and businesses, but also for their customers and communities.</p> <p>


Because Trilliant technologies are based on globally-available open standards and are designed to deploy any smart grid application, energy providers choosing the Trilliant Platform will be able to future-proof their Smart Grid investments for tomorrow while delivering benefits today. Built for interoperability with a large ecosystem of partners, Trilliant technology lets utilities adapt to continuous innovation and seize future opportunities.

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