Reduce or Shift Peak Demand Load

Utilities have two options when responding to times of peak demand:

  • increase supply (by generating more power) or
  • reduce demand

One of the primary goals of a Smart Grid is to help utilities implement demand response programs to reduce or shift peak demand load through consumer incentives and direct load curtailment.

Smart Grid communications network use consumer incentives and direct load curtailment to help utilities implement demand response programs, reducing or shifting peak demand load. Demand response programs include:

  • Dynamic Pricing: sets peak/off-peak pricing tiers to provide consumers with economic incentives to shift energy consumption to off-peak hours.
  • Direct Load Control: consumers (typically industrial and commercial enterprises) opt-in to utility-managed programs in which the utility can curtail power during emergency supply conditions to avoid outages.

A high-capacity Smart Grid communications platform provides utilities with the means to implement demand response programs.

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