Turn Appliances On & Off During Peak Demand

HVAC systems account for a significant portion of energy demand. Typically, consumers have failed to make use of proper control settings and maintenance, due to the complexity of operation and lack of information associated with these systems.

Direct load control using Remote Appliance Controllers (RACs) allows utilities to turn specific appliances on and off during peak demand periods and critical events. Load management saves money for both utilities and customers by reducing the need for generation capacity and minimizing the amount of energy a utility must purchase on the open market at peak demand periods.

RACs can manage appliances such as water heaters, pool pumps, and air conditioners. They can be programmed to respond to time-of-use tiers, critical peak pricing events, and direct load control events.

Trilliant’s powerful Smart Grid Communications Platform enables direct load control by providing two-way communication to enable signaling to load controllers. The Consumer Engagement Management System provides demand response, direct load controls and customization through SOAP-based APIs to enable custom applications.

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