Consumer Engagement Drives Energy Efficiency

Consumer energy efficiency is the driving force behind the idea of “negawatts” – energy demand that is no longer required. Energy efficiency helps utilities engage consumers to successfully address critical challenges such as base load growth, peak load growth and carbon management.

The Smart Grid’s secure two-way communications connects consumers, devices, and energy service providers, presenting new opportunities for consumer engagement. Dynamic pricing offers consumers new ways to save energy and reduce their electric bills. Home area network devices – such as in-home displays, programmable communicating thermostats and load control switches – make it easier for consumers to participate in energy efficiency and demand response programs. And entirely new channels for communication, such as in-home displays, offer utilities ways to improve program performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Trilliant’s Smart Consumer solutions is a portfolio of flexible, end-to-end solutions including software, devices and networking that support energy efficiency and demand response programs. Solutions such as dynamic pricing management, advanced communication addressing capabilities and real-time task monitoring provide high level capabilities for demand response, energy efficiency, and in-home device management.

Trilliant Smart Consumer solutions provide the following high level capabilities for demand response, energy efficiency, and in-home device management:

  • Dynamic pricing management including Time-Of-Use and Critical Peak Pricing
  • Direct load control for PCTs and load controllers
  • Text messaging to display-enabled devices
  • Advanced communication addressing capabilities
  • Real-time task monitoring capabilities including CPP and DLC event communication status
  • Individual device control and device status monitoring
  • Curtailment event override option e.g. opt-out events
  • Open web servers API

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