Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars, both pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), use the electric grid to recharge their batteries. Because home recharging can coincide with peak demand periods, the potential load on the electric grid could be significant.

Two-way communication between the grid and electric vehicles can balance the aggregate demand required for charging by time-shifting demand loads to periods of lower demand, such as during the night. These two-way communications from a utility’s head-end system to electric vehicles at consumer premises require both NAN and HAN advanced metering.

Smart Consumer solutions from Trilliant enable “smart” PHEV charging, while Trilliant’s powerful Smart Grid Communications Platform provides the necessary components. The Trilliant Platform provides the two-way communication to enable metering and consumer networking while the Consumer Engagement Management System provides demand response, direct load controls, and customization through SOAP-based APIs.

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