Monitor Your Transformers with Always-On Connectivity

Transformers provide the final voltage step-down as power passes into homes and businesses. In transmission and distribution substations, transformers do the same job, but at higher voltages.

To monitor your transformers, you need always-on connectivity. Trilliant’s SecureMesh WAN broadband solutions, part of the Trilliant Communications Platform, let you communicate with transformers of all types. These connectors are cost-effective, outdoor wireless devices providing local Ethernet connectivity. Each SecureMesh Connector links remote reclosers with always-on and low-latency wireless communications, and every link is encrypted for security.

With the SecureMesh WAN providing distribution networking, your Smart Grid deployment can provide cost-effective communications to transformers and integrate into SCADA and distribution management systems (DMS).

With a Smart Grid network extended to reclosers, you’ll see improvements in grid reliability, visibility into critical load information, better asset management, reduced O&M costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Complete Visibility Intro Transformer Status

Transformers provide the critical function of stepping down voltages throughout the electric grid. Transformers not only represent the final voltage step-down into homes and businesses but are also deployed in transmission and distribution substations to provide the same functionality but at higher voltages.

One issue that electric utilities have with transformers is the lack of visibility into their status. A blown transformer only becomes known to the utility when customers call to complain that power is out, causing the search for the trouble and resolution.

When the Smart Grid network is extended to provide two-way communications to transformers, utilities have the ability to centrally monitor their remote transformers, including:

  • Centrally monitoring transformer voltages and currents
  • Centrally monitoring transformer oil levels and temperatures

From a communications perspective, transformers require very little bandwidth and are not latency sensitive. Transformer monitoring, however, requires always-on connectivity.

The SecureMesh WAN products provide an optimal solution for communication with transformers of all types. SecureMesh Connectors are cost-effective outdoor wireless devices that provide local Ethernet connectivity, either for a direct Ethernet connection to the transformer’s communication port or for a serial (RS-232, RS-485) connection via a Ethernet-to-serial adapter, that enables communication via both legacy protocols (DNP3, Modbus) as well as TCP/IP. Each SecureMesh Connector provides long-range links (up to 7.5 miles apart) to connect remote transformers with always-on wireless communications. In addition, every link is encrypted for security and communications can be partitioned into virtual private networks (VPNs) for additional security and traffic guarantees.

With the SecureMesh WAN providing distribution networking, the Smart Grid deployment can provide cost-effective communications to transformers and integrate into SCADA and distribution management systems (DMS). Extending a Smart Grid network to reclosers results in improvements in grid reliability (i.e. lower SAIDI, MAIFI, CAIDI, SAIFI metrics), visibility into critical load information,  asset management, and operations and maintenance costs, which also results in improvements in customer satisfaction.

By tying transformers into a broader Smart Grid deployment, utilities can improve grid reliability by reducing reduced SAIDI, MAIFI, CAIDI, SAIFI metrics, improve VAR control, improved asset management, reduced operations and maintenance cost, and improve customer service.

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