Smart Metering


Utilities worldwide are deploying smart meters to provide consumers better visibility into their energy consumption, to enable demand response to reduce peak load, to manage voltage to reduce energy consumption, and to enable new customer offerings like time-of-use billing and prepayment.  Smart meters have been shown to provide benefits to both consumers and utilities, and are helping utilities address modern energy challenges.

Trilliant’s platform is purpose-built for Smart Metering and other utility applications, and provides utilities a way to bring the most advanced capabilities to their customers, including:

“We are implementing a highly functional and upgradable AMI solution for our 1.3 million customers.”


Myles D’Arcey
President and CEO, Hydro One Remote Communities

  • Time of use pricing, and flexible tariff programs
  • Reconnect / disconnect capabilities
  • Prepayment
  • Interval and register reporting
  • Outage and restoration notifications
  • Voltage and power quality monitoring
  • In-home devices and consumer engagement

Trilliant’s platform brings these Smart Metering capabilities to utilities in a unique way that provides utilities flexibility and security with the lowest total cost.  Trilliant’s unique approach includes:

Best-fit communications

Trilliant’s platform supports multiple communications technologies, providing utilities the flexibility to choose the right technology to address the regulatory, territory, and performance targets at the lowest possible costs.  As the leader in 2.4 GHz RF Mesh AMI, multi-tier networking, and cellular AMI, Trilliant’s platform has helped many utilities with successful Smart Metering deployments, optimizing for their specific situation.  This multi-technology approach allows utilities to choose the right technology today, and to be prepared for the evolution of communications systems in the future – all with consistent business processes.

Meter choice

Trilliant’s platform is independent of meters, so utilities have the flexibility to choose best-of-breed meters and to integrate new meters and meter capabilities over time.  Most of Trilliant’s customers  use a variety of different meters, and Trilliant’s platform ensures true interoperability.  Trilliant’s approach benefits meter vendors by providing a level playing field for meter vendors, encouraging meter innovation and differentiation, and this approach has allowed Trilliant to create a rich ecosystem of partners supporting the Trilliant platform.

Open Standard Communication

Open standards are core to Trilliant’s platform, and all of the communications technologies used in the platform are built on open standards.  At the physical layer (2.4 GHz / IEEE 802.15.4), the networking level (IPv4 and IPv6), and at the application level (ANSI C12.19 / C12.22, DLMS/COSEM), Trilliant integrates a wide variety of standards to ensure our utility customers have access to the broadest range of devices and software packages to integrate into their Smart Metering systems.

High Security

With utility grids being part of a nation’s critical infrastructure, and with the significant harm that could arise from malicious attacks, Trilliant has invested heavily in ensuring Smart Metering systems are highly secure.  Working with the industry’s leading security experts, and Trilliant’s recognized security experts, Trilliant has built a multi-pronged approach to security including encryption, authorization, authentication, and providing for security isolation between not only individual devices, but also between different utility applications.  This security architecture addresses concerns about using a shared infrastructure for Smart Distribution, Smart Metering, and Smart Consumer applications, and protects against internal and external threats, and our security architecture is deployed across multiple communications technologies.

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