Real-time visibility into the distribution network

Deploying a smart metering system gives utilities the chance not only to ensure an effective meter to cash process and to enable new customer-focused applications, but also to get real-time visibility into the distribution grid.  This capability is transformative for utilities, providing a real-time view of consumption patterns, distribution system loading, voltage and power quality variations, and power outages.

Power outages have traditionally been estimated using notifications from customers.  This approach provides relatively slow notification of both outage and restoration, but also inconveniences the customer and often requires multiple trips from linemen to completely restore power.  Smart Metering system deployment provides a new paradigm in outage management.

Fast and efficient outage response

With the Trilliant Smart Metering System deployed, utilities have real-time visibility into outages and restoration.  By integrating the Smart Metering system into outage management systems, utilities reap many benefits that show up in improve SAIDI and SAIFI metrics as well as reduced operations costs.  The Smart Metering systems allow utilities to:

  • Detect outages faster – in many cases before phone calls start coming in
  • Quickly determine the scope of an outage – immediate feedback on the scope of an outage enables a quick determination of where to send a truck for repair
  • Immediately validate restoration – ensuring nested outages can be addressed before the crews are withdrawn
  • Validate restoration without phone calls to customers – minimizing customer disruption and maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Provide customer real-time visibility into outages as they happen – through websites, smartphone apps, and text messages

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