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Trilliant Incorporated Delivers True Broadband to the Smart Grid with Acquisition of SkyPilot Networks

Trilliant Incorporated, the leader in delivering Smart Grid solutions that enhance energy efficiency, utility operations, and renewable resource integration, today announced the acquisition of Santa Clara-based SkyPilot Networks, Inc., a leading provider of long-range wireless mesh broadband equipment.

SkyPilot has redefined broadband wireless through a patented system that achieves high bandwidth and 100% coverage at breakthrough economics using an innovative, standards-based, wireless architecture. Utilities, service providers, public service agencies and municipalities have used SkyPilot solutions to cost-effectively deploy wireless broadband applications in challenging environments worldwide. The SkyPilot technology delivers over 10x the bandwidth of cellular, millisecond latency, standard Ethernet IP connectivity, end-to-end security, automatic adaptation to variable topography and density — all at a low cost point with proven technology.

“As the Smart Grid evolves from simple advanced metering to a multi-application network, utilities are in search of a complete solution that reliably delivers high-speed functionality at a reasonable cost, regardless of geography and topology,” said Andy White, President and CEO of Trilliant Incorporated. “Trilliant’s acquisition of SkyPilot will allow our customers to extend the Smart Grid to any device, anywhere, at bandwidth speeds and costs that are unmatched in the Smart Grid industry. This increased bandwidth, combined with SkyPilot’s outstanding range and coverage, opens up the possibilities for advanced networking applications that simply weren’t feasible before.”

“With this acquisition, Trilliant becomes the only company that can promise high-bandwidth coverage to every customer and substation in the territory as well as a single view of the entire network,” according to Jesse Berst, Founding Editor, “That makes Trilliant the first ‘future-proof’ communications solution. Once the technology integration is complete, Trilliant will have the most complete broadband solution. And make no mistake; full broadband capacity is critical for the growth of the Smart Grid.”

SkyPilot has an extensive and multi-year track record of successful deliveries since its founding nine years ago. The company has over 500 customers in 50 countries – utilities, wireless Internet service providers (WISPs), and municipal agencies – with total deployments exceeding 50,000 devices. Utilities have already deployed Trilliant and SkyPilot technology together successfully. “SkyPilot’s proven wireless backhaul solution for the electric utility market has great synergy with Trilliant’s products,” said Paul Gordon, President and CEO at SkyPilot. “SkyPilot products provide secure, private, Internet-grade wireless backhaul for Trilliant’s SecureMesh™ advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) products as well as for all other grid devices. With our combined product portfolio, utilities can deploy a single network capable of serving the needs for both AMI and transmission, substation, and distribution monitoring and automation. The combination also helps to extend Trilliant’s already deep expertise in high-bandwidth, standards-based networking.”