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UK Energy Milestone: Trilliant Smart Energy Network Connects 4.2 Million Smart Meter Devices for British Gas

BARCELONA – (November 16, 2016) – Trilliant, the global leader in enterprise-wide smart energy communications, has now connected more than four million devices – including gas meters, electric meters and in-home displays — as part of British Gas’ smart meter rollout.

The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform connects consumers’ in-home displays and provides meter data to the retailer, delivering information each can use to manage energy efficiently.

“The milestone effectively demonstrates the benefits that energy retailers and their customers can gain from an investment in advanced metering paired with clear motivation to change energy use patterns,” said Andy White, Trilliant CEO and president.

Trilliant was selected for its unifying platform, which allows multiple RF technologies — including 5GHz SecureMesh WAN, 2.4GHz SecureMesh NAN, LTE/GPRS and 2.4GHz RPMA — to communicate across the varied terrain and needs of the retailer’s enterprise.

Trilliant’s unique approach represents the energy industry’s only enterprise-wide communications platform based on a secure, standards-based, multi-technology, open spectrum solution. This means that it can manage and monitor today’s needs and those of an increasingly interconnected future, bringing a strong ROI to energy suppliers in several additional ways:

  • Eliminates redundant costs for multiple vendors, redundant infrastructure, multiple training programs.
  • Streamlines management of enterprise communications.
  • Enables IT/OT synergies, lays foundation for purpose-built analytics.
  • Greater bandwidth to protect against obsolescence (with growing data load).
  • Simplifies staffing, maintenance, updates, costs; eliminates potential for incompatibilities of multiple patches.

Trilliant invests a significant percentage of its annual revenues back into digital innovation. Trilliant has been developing pioneering communications technologies for the British Gas deployment that will continue to evolve with the market.


About Trilliant

Trilliant offers the energy industry’s only enterprise-wide Smart Communications Platform for connecting the internet of things (IoT) through a secure, standards-based, multi-technology, open spectrum solution. With three decades’ experience and the most field-proven and globally compliant solution, Trilliant maximizes smart grid and smart city investments and makes operations future-ready.

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